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The 2006 Hunt !

2006 Season  Hunt

2007 BEAR

We were recently on a backpacking trip in the Weminuchie Wilderness.  We saw a few bears on the trip.  When we returned to our vehicle there were bear paw prints all around our vehicle.  We thought it was a great shot."

2007 Bear Print

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JMU Support Q&A  
System Requirements  
  Minimum system requirements,  do to the large file sizes and the high detailed graphics.  We recommend the following minimum system specification's.
  • Windows XP
  • 2.0 GHZ processor or better
  • 512 MB of Memory
  • 8GB of free Hard Disk space ( For Overlay files )
  • Graphics Card with 128 MB on board Memory or 256 MB of Shared Memory
  • ActiveX Controls Installed (These files where installed by default by WinXP )
Install CD Auto Run Issue's  

On Individually GMU unit's with Install version 1.2xx, the Auto Run feature will load the Install program every time you insert the CD into your CD / DVD drive. To get around this issue please pick one of the listed options remedies below.

  1. Install the GMU unit onto your hard drive
  2. Disable your Auto Run feature in Windows please use the link below to read about on how to disable the Windows Auto Run feature.


How do I figure out how to use the 3DEM software?  
  Quick Reference
  1. Choose "Help"
  2. All of the information is listed on the Help menu.

Help Options

Help topics for the 3DEM Software with tips and instructions is available within the software. Perform for following to view the help file:

  1. Choose "Help"
  2. Choose "? Help Index" from the menu
  3. Choose a Topic or the Index tab to select subjects and review the solution or recommendation

Detailed Training

Training and help files where installed when you  installed your unit ( If you chosen the option to install the tutorial files to your hard drive) , If you did not installed the tutorial onto your hard drive.  Then please Insert your original JMU disk and run the tutorial of the CD or DVD.

Please read this tutorial, even if you don't typically read assembly instructions or ask for directions!

  1. From the desktop, choose "Start" then "All Programs" or "Programs" in some Windows versions
  2. Move to the "Colorado Outdoors" program group
  3. Choose the "Training" folder,  and choose your training subject. In order to view the training / tutorial files you must have "Flash Player" installed on your system.
  4. Flash player link-->> Macromedia Flash Player Download Center
  5. Help Files are on each CD and DVD with detail unit description on DVD's for Combination Units.
JMU Map Legends  
  The Legends for the JMU can be found in the

<<< JMU Help File >>>

and on our Web Site by

<<< clicking here >>>.

The solution to most problems  
  Reinstall the software. During the operation of Windows and the computer program itself files occasionally get corrupted. The quickest and easiest solution to most problems is to uninstall and reinstall the JMU / 3DEM program.

Clean (recommended) reinstallation

  1. Choose "Start" then All Programs
  2. For Windows 95, 98, 2000, choose "Settings" (NT users skip to #3)
  3. Choose "Accessories"
  4. Click on "Windows Explorer"
  5. Scroll down C:\Program Files\Colorado Outdoors" Folder
  6. Delete the "license.txt" file.
  7. Next, place the JMU CD or DVD in the CDROM drive and reinstall the software
How do I install the CD or DVD?  
  Place the CD the CD ROM drive. The installation routines will automatically prompt you for installation instructions. We recommend accepting the installation defaults.

If nothing happens, the Auto run feature of your CDROM drive may be disabled. In this case, perform the following:

  1. From your Desktop, click the "Start" button, then click "Run"
  2. Type "d:\setup.exe", substitute your CDROM drive letter for the letter "d" in the example.
Didn't answer your question?  

Click here to go to the support page

For audio recommendations dial 303.663.4878 for our automated voice system.


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