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The Hunt !

2006 Season  Hunt

2007 BEAR

We were recently on a backpacking trip in the Weminuchie Wilderness.  We saw a few bears on the trip.  When we returned to our vehicle there were bear paw prints all around our vehicle.  We thought it was a great shot."

2007 Bear Print

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Frequently Asked FishFactor Support Questions
How do I figure out how to use the software?
  Quick Reference:

A narrative will begin the first time FishFactor is opened. The narrative contains an introduction to the software. To view the introduction video in subsequent sessions, choose "Help" then "Dennis McKinney".

The functions in FishFactor are covered in both audio and written narrative. To hear the audio overview:

  1. Click on "Help"
  2. Click on "Overview"

The narrative will describe the functions in FishFactor. Please note, there is a separate narrative for the Library and for the Map room.

For a brief written narrative of the functions:

  1. Open FishFactor
  2. Select "Help"
  3. Click on the subject of interest to view a narrative or other related subjects.
The resolution to most problems
  Reinstall the software. During the operation of Windows and the computer program itself files occasionally get corrupted. The quickest and easiest solution to most problems is to uninstall and reinstall the BigGameCD program.

Clean (recommended) reinstallation

  1. Choose "Start" then All Programs
  2. For Windows 95, 98, 2000, choose "Settings" (NT users skip to #3)
  3. Choose "Control Panel"
  4. Click on "Add/Remove Programs"
  5. Scroll down to the "BigGameCD Deluxe" entry
  6. Click on "Add/Remove"
  7. Click on this option and follow instructions
  8. Next, place the BigGame CD in the CDROM drive and reinstall the software

Quick Reinstall

  1. Place the BigGameCD in the CD ROM drive
  2. From the main splash screen (picture of a 2 Rams) choose "Reinstall" instead of Run. All program files will be overwritten

If you have downloaded updates you will need to re-download the updates.

How do I install the CD?
  Place the CD the CD ROM drive. The installation routines will automatically prompt you for installation instructions. We recommend accepting the installation defaults.

If nothing happens, the Autorun feature of your CDROM drive may be disabled. In this case, perform the following:

  1. From your Desktop, click the "Start" button, then click "Run"
  2. Type "d:\setup.exe", substitute your CDROM drive letter for the letter "d" in the example.
The FishFactor screens are smaller than my monitor?
  The software is designed to run with a monitor setting of 1024 by 768 pixels. The software will display a warning during installation if monitor settings are different than 1024 by 768 but will NOT automatically set the monitor. To reset the monitor perform the following:
  1. Right mouse click on your desktop.
  2. From the list that appears, choose "Properties"
  3. Select the Tab entitled "Settings"
  4. Adjust the monitor slide bar or select the setting for 1024 by 768
  5. Windows will prompt you if a system restart is requried

If you have difficulties with the monitor settings please consult your Windows manual.

What is an update verses an upgrade?
  Updates involve annual data updates. The same program is used to update new data. Upgrades involve a new CD and program updates. See our update policy for charges.
Update/Upgrade Policy
  Updates: Annual updates through the internet are free to current users. Current users are those who have upgraded their software product when needed or purchased their version of BigGameCD new within the last year.

If you have problems updating your files, an update CD can be purchased for $13.95 through the FishFactor website.

Occasional program upgrades require users to obtain a new CD with new programs and routines. These upgrades are available for $13.95. The last upgrade was made on 3/1/2003.

View the FishFactor Update page for more update details.

Help with updates and upgrades
  To check for and download updates, perform the following:
  1. Log on to the internet through your internet service provider
  2. Click on "Start" from your desktop
  3. Choose "Programs" or in some Windows versions, "All Programs"
  4. Move to the "Colorado Outdoors" program group
  5. Move to the "Check for FishFactor Updates" and click
  6. The program will check for and download available updates.
Program Version
  To determine the program version perform the following:
  1. Open FishFactor
  2. Choose "Help"
  3. Choose "About FishFactor"

The current version of FishFactor is 1.2. Users of version 1.1 please check the Update page for FishFactor for update instructions.

Help with Registration Keys - lost or otherwise
  The Internet Registration Key is required to use your current version of FishFactor and future updates. If you have lost your key, please send us an email with your purchase information (date, location).

If you have registered on our website or we can validate your purchase we will reissue the key.

Didn't answer your question?
Send an email to: huntdatasupport1@aol.com

For audio recommendations dial 303.663.4878 for our automated voice system.


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