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7.0 & Digital Maps Help

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TUTORIAL click here (right mouse click to save, choose "save target as....") 7 mg

Saving and Using BigGameCD Maps in Google Earth

Updating 7.0

Download MSVCR71 file

Try running the install by right mouse clicking on the setup file and choose "Run as Administrator"

Receive message "MSVCR71.dll is missing" when I try to update?

This message has been reported for Windows users. The .dll is missing from some Windows applications. To fixe the problem:

Right Mouse click on the file at left, choose "Save Target As"

If you are operating a 64-bit system, save it in your "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\" directory.

If you are operating a 32-bit system, save it in your " c:\WINDOWS\system32\" directory.

This will fix the problem.

Windows 7.0 64 bit

Windows 7.0 64 bit user encounters errors after loading BigGameCD. (most new Windows computers are 64 bit)

Windows 7.0 should detect a 32 bit program (BigGameCD), however, if it does not perform the following: Watch this Video

1. Close all Programs

2. On your desktop, move your cursor over the Elk ICON representing the BigGameCD Program and right mouse click. From the list, choose "Properties"

3. Choose the "Compatibility" tab then check the box next to "Run this Program in Compatibility mode for:"

4. Choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" option

Re-open BigGameCD. This should solve the issue.

Clean Update

If you suspect something has happened to your data files perform the following to force a complete download of all data files - this may take while if you have a slow connection!

BigGameCD 7.0 installs in the c:\Program Files\ directory in Windows Vista and XP. For Windows 7.0, BigGameCD installs in the c:\ProgramData\ directory. Locate the install directory for your operating system.

Within the BigGameCD directory, locate and delete the versions.ini file. Your directory structure may hide the .ini extension of the file.

After deleting this file, run the BigGameCD update program by clicking on "Start" then moving to "Program Files" or "All Programs", then move to the "Colorado Outdoors" Program Group and click on "Check for BigGameCD Updates". This process will download an entirely new set of all of the data bases.

Finally, open BigGameCD. BigGameCD will re-build all of the tables automatically.



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